Could you please help me roll up this data?

I have a master student data that I want to roll up lessons created per student into (on a per-student level). It looks like this

The curriculum (lessons) table has data like this:

When I create a linked record and attempt to roll it up, only 1 lesson is returned per student (the one that was connected to the student name when I selected the student in the linked record field).

CleanShot 2021-06-18 at 09.35.57

Any ideas about how I could fix this, please?

Thank you!

Your second table doesn’t look like the lessons table. It looks more like a student catalog but with lessons as a select field. I think you need a lessons table separate from student table. Then have a third table which links them both. The lessons master table has no student data except through linking.
Now in the student table, you need a Linked field to lessons where you can select all lessons that a particular student took. Now you can use this connection to roll up data as you want.

In summary, this has to be solved at table architecture level. And NOT at the tactical roll-up formula level.

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