Count events in a period



I would like to count the number of events within a period. The setup is as follows:

  • Table “Matches” with fields “team (referenced to “Teams” table)”, “kickoff (date day&time)”

  • Table “Teams” --> new formula field to count number of matches in a specific season/period on “Matches”

Is it possible to create such a formula without the COUNTIF function?

Thanks in advance for your support, Chris


hi Chris,
I would create the time periods on “matches” like this:

IF(AND(kickoff>="2018-07-01",kickoff<="2018-07-31"), kickoff)

and then, on Teams, I will use rollup field with COUNTA formula to count them.
something like this base


hi Ilan, that’s a great idea, works perfectly… …until COUNTIF is available.

Thanks :smiley: