Create link to tagged group of records


New user here trying to figure out if Airtable is the platform to use for organizing our publications at our lab.

We intend to create a publications database webpage that include tags to what facilities in our building were used for the research in the publication. On each facility page, is it possible to include a link to the publications database that is already filtered for a particular tag?

For example, if we have 10 publications in our 100 record publication database that use our 20-inch flume, could I have a link on our 20-inch flume webpage that would direct the user to the publications database page with the 20-inch flume publications already filtered (so 10 would show up versus the full 100)?



Yes, you can do this. The mechanism you’d use is called “Shared Views”.

In your Publications table (the table in your database that holds all of your “tagged” publications) you would create a view that filters to show only those records that contain the tag “20-inch flume”. The “filter” menu in a view allows you to request only a subset of records to be shown in that view, so you are saying to the table, "Show me all records where Tags --> has any of --> 20-inch flume.

I do something similar in an equipment database I keep. I use a multi-select field to “tag” equipment with {Attributes} that item might have:



Once that filter is in place, the view of my table I am in will only show records that have the “12in Dia.” Attribute tag.

The next step is to share only that view, by using the share menu:

If I were to embed this view I just created in a website (or put a link to it in a website), the people who visit it will have no access to view any records other than those with the “20in Dia.” tag, as you can see here:

(I have well over 5,000 records in that table, but only 110 are visible in this shared view, and the others cannot be accessed in any way from this shared view)