Create web app to sync airtable inventory with shopify website


Develop a simple Web app with which would add a new inventory item. It would then save the item to Airtable, as well as to Shopify. Eliminate the dependency on Zapier, and it gives you more control over the entry of new items. For example, specify what fields are required and enforce any additional business rules that you might have in mind. Additionally, the Web app could be extended to support updating inventory items as well. So if you were to change an item in some way, you’d do it through the Web app, and those changes would be applied to the corresponding records in both Airtable and Shopify. The Web app will also be designed to support Shopify’s “meta” fields, so we would be able to implement the “dimensions” field - and any other fields that Shopify doesn’t support “out of the box," as well.
basically “sync” data between airtable and shopify. shopify site is already developed with metafields in place.
this syncing pertains to inventory records only and the fields are somewhat basic: title, description, dimensions, price, photos, sku, etc.


I haven’t tried this combination but WordPress has Shopify plugin and Airtables have Airfields for WP. So simple WP site at minimal cost should do everything you need.