Creating a pages per minute record


Hi all! I’m trying to create a reading log where I track my time spent reading. I would like a record to show how many pages I’ve read per minute during a particular session. What’s the best way to do this?


I would have Tables for Books and Sessions, and you could have also Authors, Editorials and so on. You can add a Number field for the number of pages on Sessions table, and a Linked Record field to relate the book. You should also add a Duration field for the minutes read, and then a Formula field to calculate pages/minutes.

If you had a premium plan you could use the Time Tracker block for the sessions:


Couldn’t you also do a Rollup after the fact with Average({Duration})?

So with the Duration field and # Pages, the Average formula field (in the sessions table) is {Pages}/{Minutes}

And then in the Books table, your roll-up is AVERAGE({Duration}).