Creating linked Table - What am I doing wrong?

I’m just getting started creating linked Tables and tried using the Sales CRM example on the support page, but am unable to create a similar Table of linked fields. Here are two problems:

  1. The rows of names in the Primary field column are duplicated in the second column even as its header is correct.

  2. Instead of all of the corresponding rows from the linked Table grouped by the names in the Primary field, only a single row of linked cells is displayed.

I’m having a hard time picturing the issues you listed. Would you be able to share screenshots showing the problems you’re encountering?

On a general note, I think one possible issue you’re hitting is due to a general misunderstanding of how links work. In short, a link ties one record in one table to another record in another table. They don’t link all of one table to all of another table. It’s a record-level connection.

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Airtable support helped me resolve this. Thanks for the explanation.

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