Customize Field type from Text to ISO Date & Time

Hi, I’ve imported a field from excel containing dates in the formate 2020-03-14 22:38:39 UTC

I’m trying to customize the field into Date in order for me to Group the dates by Year and Month.
But if I run the standard operation the field returns empty with no data in it.

Thank you in advance.


I’m not sure what you mean by “run the standard operation”.

After you imported the data from Excel, did you customize the field type to a date field?

Once the field type is set to date, you can use a formula field to identify the year and month for grouping. You can experiment with the YEAR, MONTH, and DATETIME_FORMAT functions, which are documented in the formula field reference.

Hi @kuovonne

Thank you for the reply,
Yes I tried to customize the field type to a date field but then all my data is erased from that field.

Would I use DATETIME_PARSE(date, [‘input format’], [‘locale’]) ?

Yes, if Airtable is unable to automatically convert the date string to a date type, create a new formula field using DATETIME_PARSE. Then after the formula calculates the date, convert the formula field to a date field.

Thank you I actual managed to use DATETIME_FORMAT successfully for this task. And then convert the field to date type.

Your help is much appreciated @kuovonne

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