Customized fields keep changing, and when I change them back, they revert again to the incorrect form


Hi there,

I used the CRM template and it was working fine for a while but recently some fields are acting weird.

As one example, I have an interactions linked field in my Contacts table and for some reason it keeps changing from a linked records field to text (which then also breaks my roll-up field that I have to show me when the last time I was in contact with said person was). I’ve changed it back to linked records a dozen times and hours later I’ll notice it’s back to a text field again. Another weird thing is that on my opportunities table, my “key decision maker” field, which is supposed to link to contacts, keeps changing to text too. I feel like there might be one or two more issues but those are the two driving me the most nuts. What is wrong and how can we fix it?



Hi Emma,

Here’s what it sounds like the issue is: when you create a linked record field in one table and link to a second table, a symmetric field is automatically created in the linked table. So, for example if you create a linked record field in your Contacts table which links to an Opportunities table, a field for ‘Contacts’ will be created automatically in the Opportunities table. If you delete the auto-generated field, then any records linked between the two tables will cause the previously linked fields to change to text. Is it possible that one of these fields was deleted at some point?

I’d recommend:

  1. Taking a snapshot so that you can restore if needed
  2. Duplicating the linked record field in one table (just copy it to another column so you have the data)
  3. Deleting the original linked record field and its auto-generated counterpart from both tables
  4. Creating a new linked record field between the two tables
  5. Pasting the original data back in

Let me know if that solves your problem!