Data manipulation when grouping records on a date range

I have a problem with data manipulation when grouping records on a date range.
Each record has a date and a time, (they are cash receipts linked to a cash register). Of course I have multiple records per day.
I want to group these records by day and verify the data via another table (the cash register verification table).
To group my records on a date range I have no problem (I used formulas of type DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, "DD/MM/YYYY ")).
On the other hand I want to use the sum of each day and link this sum in another table of my database and I can’t do it with the rollup because it considers the records unique and not grouped.
In short, on the one hand I have customers who buy, and on the other hand I want to do a data validation on the totals of several columns per day and this without having to link via a rollup each record of each customer.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Martin, I’m not sure if I fully understand your problem here

Could we link up the records with the DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, "DD/MM/YYYY ") value instead? That way they’ll be linked together by day and you’ll be able to do a rollup to get the sum like you want

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 8.12.19 AM

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Hi Adam, yes that is perfect. I made an automation to automatically complete the linked record from the date. And with the rollups it works perfectly.
Thank a lot

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