Date, RollUp and condionnal statement

Hello All,

Sorry if this is an easy question, but I looked some of the articles and I am totally lost ^^

I have a table 1 like this listing my subscriptions

  • internal code
  • date of the subscription starting
  • date of the subscription ending
  • mensual fees

I want next a view or a table or an app aggregating by month my revenues !

What seems to me the easiest way was to create a Table 2 like this :

  • month
  • internal code linked to table 1
  • subscriptions start dates
  • subscriptions end start
  • rollup fields summing the mensual fees

And I am looking for a way to show in the “internal code” field only the one where “month” is between start date and end date.

I have not found a way to do this ? I am lost :frowning:

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