Date stamping forms submitted


Hi People.

Could someone tell me if it’s possible to put a secure date stamp on forms that are submitted? When collecting subject data consent from people under GDPR it is important to know when forms have been submitted so we can decide on when to erase old data. Obviously people can be required to give the date on the form but this is better avoided as it’s just another box to fill in, can be done incorrectly, and these entries are are potentially overwriteable meaning that the record could be tampered with.

Hope you can help.

Regards. Merlin


I don’t know how forms works (I’ve never used them), but there is a Created Time type of field which do this (and I quote):

The created time field type will automatically show the date (and optionally, time) that a record was created. As with the date field, you can customize the date format, choose to include a time stamp, and choose whether to use the same time zone for all collaborators. Note that since the created time for a record will always be the same, there is no way to directly edit the contents of the cells in the created time field.

There is also a Created_Time() function which can be used in formulas…

I don’t know if it will help you, but it may be worth a look I think :slight_smile: