Display attachment name



I need to download a CSV file, displaying the name of the attached files of an Attachment field (without the link).

Do you know how to display only the name of the attached documents ?

Thanks a lot for your help !



This is based on a tip I posted in ‘Show And Tell’ a while back — with one modification I’ll explain in a moment.

To extract just the name of an attachment, create a formula field using this formula:

LEFT(Attachments,FIND(" (http",Attachments)-1)

[Note that within the FIND() function there is a leading space before the open parenthesis (’(’) character.]

If there are multiple attachments in the {Attachments} field, this will extract the first one returned. (And which is the first one returned? I think it’s the latest one added…)

The original version of this formula, as given in my post, included this call to FIND():
FIND(" ",Attachments).
When I dropped that into a field to double-check the formula before replying to you, though, I discovered one of the attachments in the table I had chosen at random happened to have an embedded space before the file extension, clipping the ‘.pdf’ from the file name. Assuming none of your attachment names contains an embedded ’ (http’, the modified formula should work fine.


Perfect ! Thanks a lot for your help