Duplicate column on another table or search data from a column into another

Hi guys,

I’m building a referral system for a shop.

1- Each day, we add the email, phone number and info for each customer into a new record on a table “SALES”

2 - If a customer comes to the shop because another of our customer recommend him, we give a reward to both.

What I want :

Each time a customer comes in the shop, we will ask him if he is coming from the recommendation of someone, and if yes, he gives us the email of his friend.

We will add the email of his friend on a new column “Refferal” in the table SALES, on the record of this customer.

I would need that this “referral” column detect automatically the first letter of the email we start to type, so it can detect the email of “one of our customers”.

And if it didn’t find anything, it means the email of the referral doesn’t exist in our base.

I don’t really know how to do that.

How to have this column which will search into a table where we have all our emails, without having to add the new email manually into a new table each day ?

Because I see one way to do that :

I could create a new table named “Customers’ emails.”

Manually add all new email at the end of each day into this table

Then, on my tables “SALES”, I would link the column “Refferal” to “Customer’s emails”, and it would do the job.

But if I do this way, how to automatically add the email of my new customer from SALES, into this new table ?

I guess I can use Zapier, but I hope there is a way to do it from airtable.

Or, is there another way to handle it more easily ?

Thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

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