Duplicating A Row (via Mobile)

I’m trying to duplicate a row via a mobile device (iOS). I noticed there wasn’t a way to do it explicitly through the interface, however, I am looking at implementing a workaround via a button which calls a script. This being said, is there a way to duplicate the current record verbatim via a script?

Looks like the “button” types aren’t yet supported on mobile either yet. Any ideas would be welcome!

Unfortunately, duplicating rows is one of the (many) missing features from the mobile app. The full Airtable experience is only available from the desktop web app.

I would recommend adding this as a feature suggestion in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category.

One workaround would be to use Airtable’s automations or Integromat’s automations to create a new record for you with certain values in your new record pre-filled from your original record — as soon as you check a checkbox (or make some type of selection) in one of your original record’s fields.

You can’t automate a simple duplication of your existing record, but you could automate creating a new record that carries over values from your original record.

Note that Integromat supports more field types & more functionality than Airtable’s automations, so they might be your best bet.

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