Easily filter an autopopulateted field

Hi, I have a table with sub-categories where I want to be able to choose, from a multiple-select list, the lowest level and auto populate the higher level, e.g. if I choose “Banana” I want the higher level to automatically become “Fruit”.

I have managed to do this with an IF-statement, but my solution doesn’t give such a user-fiendly filtering option. The IF-statement I have created returns the statement as a string, so when I want to filter the category I manually have to write in “Fruit”. I would instead like to filter it by selecting “Fruit” from a list (as you can do with for instance a multiple-select list). Is it possible to do this when autopopulating a field?

Thank you in advance!

Not ideal, but you can keep your formula field, create a single select field, and use Automations to copy the value of the formula into the single select whenever the formula value changes. That way you can filter based on the single select field which will have a more user-friendly filter experience.

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