Editing Fields in content calender template


Is it just me or is anyone else struggling to edit a field in a template? I want to edit a field in the content calender so I can group content into themes rather than sections, when I click on the ‘customise field type’, it doesn’t give me the option to change the list that’s in the template.

Hope that makes sense

Hi @Sylvia_Pollock,

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So after you have copied the template to your Workspace it doesnt allow you to edit it? Maybe the view is locked?


Thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:

It must be locked down, maybe its a new change to the platform, I’ve been able to change it in the past.

Thank you for coming back to me also.

Many thanks

If it still isnt working post a screenshot please

Thank you.

I have just found a workaround, when I click on the drop down and it says ‘find an option’ I’ve typed in what I want the option to be and you can add in the option.

Thank you for coming back to me


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