Enforc unique key values?


Is there any way to force uniqueness on the key field? In other words, I want the value in the key field to be unique across all records. So I should not be able to create two records with the same key field value.



Airtable keeps a unique recordID for every record you create, but this recordID is not exposed by default on the UI. They expose this unique recordID through a formula function:

If you make your key field a formula, and incorporate this function into its output, you’ll end up with automatically generated unique keys for every record you make – however, you will not have any control over the format of that unique key; they are usually 17(?) characters long and a mixture of numbers, upper-case letters, and lower-case letters.



Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for that explanation. So AirTable provides a unique record_ID, but there’s no inband mechanism for enforcing uniqueness on a user-defined field.
Thanks again.

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That’s correct – no problem



The Autonumber field type enforces unique values. Even if you delete a record, Airtable will never reuse the deleted number.