Envelope Budgeting System


We’re trying to setup a simple Envelope Budgeting System
The idea is to write your expense in the right category, so for example, if you pay $5 for a milk it should be reduced from the ‘grocery’ column, and if you take $20 for a night out in the club it should be taken from the ‘going out’ column.
Each column should have a monthly budget in advance, so, for example, the ‘going out’ category should have in advance $500 and the ‘grocery’ category should have a $800.
Each expense per the corresponding category should reduce the starting amount, the idea is that you can “withdraw” money but when the category reaches zero you can’t withdraw anymore from it, categories that you didn’t take money from are accumulating more money for the month after.
That’s it.
I spend on it so many hours and I couldn’t figure it out, each formula that I’m doing is working on the specific row and there’s no way to have an amount for different categories, I’m sure I’m not planning it right and I’ll be happy to have your help.


this may help Accounts - Airtable Universe