Event Proposal Form Help!


My event planning organization is currently working on migrating all of our budgeting/planning files into Airtable from Google Drive.

I’ve tried playing around with doing this different ways, but there’s always been a bump in the road somewhere. I was hoping to reach out and see if anyone had any solutions.

I couldn’t put pictures or links in this post, so I’m going to try to post those and the rest of the info in the comments.



This is a screenshot of what the proposal currently looks like for us:

Each of the drop down menus links over from the second sheet, this is just a small selection of those options. I know there is a drop down selection menu in Airtable that would work well for this.

The main goal is to have each of our committees submit their filled out form and compile them all into the same sheet where it will auto-total expenses for each committee and also for all proposals submitted.

So far, this is what I’ve tried. This should be the link to the base:

There are two different attempts that I’ve labled - one is just the first table, and the second attempt includes the next three tables that are all linked together.

  • The first attempt seems to compile the information the way we need it, but it isn’t easy to fill out and it doesn’t print in a concise way.
  • The second attempt prints in a nice way and is straightforward to fill out, but I haven’t figured out how to calculate cost per person or how to have a box pull a specific number from another table (if that’s even possible).

In each of those attempts, I’ve made notes in the places where I couldn’t figure things out by myself.

Some important things:

  • It needs to be able to print to a single page. (We still print these proposals out to distribute them, which isn’t ideal but that’s something we’ve got to keep.)
  • The form needs to say pretty user-friendly.

I am a super newbie to Airtable so I will do my best to follow along, but screenshots would be super helpful along with explanations. I’m completely open to any and all suggestions, even (or especially) if they scrap my previous attempts! And let me know if anything I’ve said doesn’t make sense or if I need to clarify something.



Hi @Megan_Bartlett - this might help.

I would recommend breaking the expenses and income out into their own tables and link each of these to an “events” table:

Each row in expenses and income is a single type (I would recommend that you don’t have expenses and incomes as columns, but as rows). You can add formulas to these as necessary (I have done this on the income table to show quantity * unit cost, for e.g.)

Then, in the “events” table you can use roll-up fields to sum the income and expenses for each event. More formulas added here to find the “per attendee” income or expense as needed.

Hope this helps!


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