EXport Airtable Records in a Custom PDF Report


Javier, we’ve put our particular project on indefinite hold. But before that happened, I had a chance to talk to Chester. My understanding is that AirPress and Tablepress don’t work well together. Chester has built some custom plugins (for his clients) that allow you to use specific features from DataTables to display and/or interact with data from AirTable, on a Wordpress page. Once that’s done, styling is as simple as writing CSS. But given the number of variables, I don’t think there’s an out-of-the-box solution available. Someone would have to build the plugin from scratch (Chester, or you, or another programmer). I don’t think any of it is super-difficult, but definitely requires a fair understanding of PHP, the Airtable API, and Wordpress (or whatever platform you’re building on).


This would be a nice-to-have. In the mean time my workaround is to use the Airtable API to pull the records, populating them in an HTML template, and then generating the PDF with https://www.api2pdf.com. Works fine, but you have to have some basic coding knowledge in order to do it.


I agree with BeninDallas and Alexandre_Co. It is astonishing to me that there is no way to get a report out of Airtable. This should have been a feature included in version 1.0. My base is for people doing research. It is easy for me to put data in, very difficult for researchers to get data out. I don’t want them to see or have access to the entire base, or even one table at a time. They need to ask a question – filters work – and get information and print it out in a report. That is not yet possible.


I use https://www.reportbin.com/, it’s pretty flexible since you can design the reports using HTML. The downside is you do have to know HTML, though they have an offer to do that for a fee. The interface is pretty basic, but you should be fine with some basic understanding of Airtable to fill in the infor they need.


Hey thanks for the mention Patrick. I’m Sam from ReportBin, we’re still working on the interface, so expect it to be better with time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help.

@all: contact me and mention you’re from Airtable Community, I’ll work with you to design your reports for free in exchange for feedback :slight_smile:

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Chiming in! I need to prepare multiple-record reports.

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Hi… I think I have a solution… It’s possible to make it through google sheets and airtable integration.
If it’s interesting for someone, I can explain how to do it.


@SDOK_Blog : It’s pretty easy to integrate AT and Google Sheets through Zapier. The problem is that the AT API does not support an “updated record” event, so Zapier will only sync NEW records between the two platforms. This is useless to me, since the whole point of a project status report is to get the LATEST “status” (that is, updated field data) of an EXISTING “project” (aka, record). Do you have a solution for this?



Try using Integromat instead - you can use a timed ‘Scenario’ to search for all records and then loop though them updating as you go. It’s not realtime but…

You could also look at my recent blog posts about creating PDF from a database using Integromat:


(Note - I use a different database in this example but the principle is the same)

Hope this helps

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A possible solution would be to use the AT API to update records and trigger report generation. You can easily do that with https://www.formnano.com/, just create forms to edit existing records and add Zapier integration. Contact me if you need help setting it up.

Disclosure: I built both FormNano and ReportBin


I’m interested in seeing what reportbin offers for my project.
Seeking to build an inventory page that would contain a grid of several records (each record containing a product image, product name, and unique id) as well as a header and footer.

Please let me know if you are able to assist.


Hi Hannah, yes it looks like something ReportBin can help you with. Shoot me a message via the contact form https://airtable.com/shrKJ2SnkrMNUTj26 and I’ll walk you through the process :slight_smile:


I am working on a solution for this at https://www.pagemonk.com/ . Please DM me if you would like me to build you a pdf (for free). It’s under development and I’ll be adding more features this week.
Also, here’s an intro video