Field for copies of emails

Can I make a field for uploading copies of emails?

Hey there,

Airtable is very flexible, so you can absolutely bring in copies of emails into your table. I’d recommend you decide upon a format first. Perhaps decide whether it’s just the text or the images too.

If it’s text, I’d recommend a long text field, however if you need images, you could always upload as a pdf, you could also consider adding the text field and include a seperate image /attachement field too.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I want the entire email with date, sent from, sent to, subject and text. So what do I click on for type. It is not a simple one line text, and it is not an attachment as a document would be. What do I all it and how do I get it copied from my email inox to the data base?

Hey! In that case, I’d recommend you create a seperate field in Airtable for each of these.

Regarding how you’d get it copied, I’d suggest using something like Zapier or Integromat to automatically send emails that meet a criteria to your Airtable :smiley:

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