Filter Form "Drop-Downs"/"Pop-Ups" to Omit Data


All, how can I limit the dataset presented in linked field “drop-downs”/“pop-ups” to external form users?

Right now I have a form that allows you to select an employee via field linked to a separate table. And though I can sort that table to move inactive employees to the bottom, I cannot hide ex-employees. For that, it seems that the Linked Field needs to honor filtering, or Link to a specific view…

Can this be solved via Lookup? I’ve poked at it; but not cracked the issue.

Thanx in advance!


It’s not possible (as far as I know) to limit a drop down or linked field - a workaround would be to have the key field as a calculated field with an if test - and if the employee is a leaver set the value to say —do not use— or something otherwise set it to the employee’s name.

Ideally, of course, we would all like to be able to filter it!