Formatting Currency Formula


How do I format currency with commas/decimal points in a formula, if the output is a currency and a word? If it was just currency I could use the built in formatter but since I have a word in there it isn’t an option.
What I’m currently getting:
“$” & {Amount} & " - " & {Vendor}
$1000 - Utility Bill

What I want:
$1,000.00 - Utility Bill


Yeah. That’s kind of annoying. Why do you need to concatenate the Amount and the Vendor as a string? As opposed to just viewing the two fields alongside each other, for instance.


@Cady_Smith1 - I can get to this (but without the comma separator):

Amount as String:

'$' & IF(FIND('.', '' & Amount), '' & Amount, '' & Amount & '.00')

Full String:

{Amount As String} & ' - ' & Vendor

I’m sure there is a way to add the comma too, but you need to account for different scenarios (1k, 1m etc). Based on the length of the value string then insert a comma 6 places from the right etc. Not immediately obvious how you do this, but I’m sure it could be done, although formulas a bit complicated - wonder if you can get away without it?


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I can view them side by side in Grid view, but I also need a Calendar view. The Calendar view is going to show whatever the Name field contains. So if I use a formula in the Name field, I can customize what the title will look like in the calendar:

I was trying to format it with the proper commas/decimal points for consistency’s sake in the calendar. :slight_smile: Not an end of the world thing, I was just wondering if there was an easy way to show it that I was missing.


@W_Vann_Hall made some “pretty print” routines that you can find here:

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