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Hello Community!

Hoping, yet again, for assistance from a Formula pro.

My table has the following look up fields:

1 - {Invite Docs}
2 - {Other Task-Related Docs}
3 - {Calendaring Docs}
4 - {Plan/MTG/After Event Docs}

If there is a document in any one of these four fields, I need the Formula to return a value of “Has Docs”. In oher words, records that have blanks in all four fields would not return the “Has Docs” value.

I attempted an IF statement, but with unsatisfactory results! :worried: I’m afraid the use of BLANK () is currently beyond my skill level.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Using the field name alone will test if the field is non-empty.

So, your formula would be as simple as this:

OR({Invite Docs},{Other Task-Related Docs},{Calendaring Docs},{Plan/MTG/After Event Docs}),
"Has Docs"

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B R I L I A N T !!
Thanks so much!

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