Formula for database


I am trying to create a database with Product codes. Each product code is linked to a category (number). There are about 200 products and only 6 Categories.

Every month, I need to paste around 1000 records with Product Codes in a different database. This database needs to search if the Product Codes are linked to a Category Number.

The result should be 1000 records (which I paste) with the Product code next to it.

Any help would be very appreciated


Unfortunately, I can interpret your description several different ways, each of which would take a very different solution. Could you post a link (preferably to the entire base, read-only, with copying enabled) to however much of the base you have been able to complete, with a description of what it still doesn’t do? Feel free to make a copy of it first and strip it down to, say, five records’ worth of dummy or redacted data. If that’s not possible, you can send the link directly to me via private message (click my name and then click ‘message’); it may take a little longer to receive a reply, but I’ll keep your data private.