Formula Setup In Integromat



I am trying to create a scenario in Integromat. I am using the template: Google Sheets to Airtable, I want to integrate URL’s and images created in GS into Airtable. My key field is: “SCOTT#” and this was the formula outline, that was suggested. I wondered if someone can help?:

{First Name}=“value_containing_string”

{Type_In_The_Name_Of_The_Airtable_Column} = “map the sheets column containing the URL”

I am a visual person and it helps to see how I should write this formula, visually, exactly, (including any punctuations, etc.)

The screenshot of the module is below:

As you can see I am trying all different combinations, but I keep getting formula error messages.

Here are screenshots of Airtable setup (just the fields needed) and GS sheet:

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Could someone take a look at the above post. I would really like to resolve this issue.

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Sorry, @M_k – I’m not familiar with Integromat and their peculiarities of syntax at all.



I tried many times to follow a formula suggestion, but it seems to elude me.

This is a screenshot of how I thought the formula should be written. I used the name of what I thought the name should be is the key field in Airtable: “SCOTT#” and that is what I wrote with the curly brackets:

and this is the screenshot of a suggestion of how the formula should be written. I used the green tags in order of the field names of GOOGLE SHEETS, with quotes::

I uploaded screenshots (in Reply #1) of the Airtable setup and GS setup.

This formula seems pretty straightforward, but for some reason it’s not working.

I would appreciate any help.

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