Formula to add multiple select data

I have a field that has a drop down in each cell. I want to create a formula that will count the total number of names selected in the field. Here’s a screenshot of the field.

This formula for the screenshot above would show a total count of 7.

I also want to be able to create a formula that counts the number of each possible selection. The results of this formula would show:
Carlo - 2
Zach - 2
Mark - 2
Ryan - 1

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Scott_Hedges,

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This best way I imagine this being achieve is to have a separate table for names and link the names when needed, instead of using a multi-select field. You would be able to set count fields in each table. This method would easily allow you to have a count for each name, as well as count each name.


Thank you VERY much for the advice. I’m a complete Newbie to Airtable. Can you elborate on what you mean by a separate table for name and linking the names? Is there specific language I need to use to research help articles on this?

Hi @Scott_Hedges,

No worries. Starting something new is the first step to becoming an expert.

Below is a link to an Airtable support article that talks about creating new tables and linking them.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


OMG, the capabilities of Airtable just continue to impress and amaze me!
Linking tables is cool. I think I figured it out! Thanks for the guidance.

Hi @Scott_Hedges,

Yeah, Airtable is great and the capabilities of is are amazing. A very useful tool for sure. Feel free to reach out here anytime you have any questions. The community is just as great as the tool.


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