Formulas and Attachments?

So I have a base that has a lot of images as a part of it. I’m trying to have it so that in Table-3 if Option-A is selected from Table-2 then attachments from Column-A on Table-1 are displayed but if Option-B is selected then attachments from Column-B on Table-1 are displayed instead.

However, I have tried everything I can think of to make this work and I can’t. I’ve tried multiple look-ups, formulas, everything I know how to do. I can not get a single column that displays the attachments and switches according to the selected option.

Help, please.

Unfortunately you have discovered a limitation of Airtable. The only way to display an attachment is in the attachment field itself or in a lookup field. You cannot show the actual attachment in a formula or rollup field.


That’s annoying, thank you for the confirmation though.

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