Geo tagging (Longitude and Latitude)

Hai, I need track sales team for visit customer, for this I created form on AirTable

Which problem when Sales team go to customer and submit report visit, there is no Geo Tagging ( Longitude and Latitude). I need to know information when Sales person is on customer location

Can this possible ? if Yes, how to do?

Thank you

You’d have to use an external form tool to do this, such as this one:

JotForm also offers this ability:

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Hi, this is need to pay or free?
I’m just need the coordinate longitude latitude ( Number only), is still need that?

MiniExtensions costs money. JotForm might have a free plan, not sure.

Do you have any idea for just coordinate ? I’m only need longitude and latitude.
But using Airtable forms view
Please advice
Thank you

@Lucas_Tjahjadi, you’ve asked me the same question 3 times. I understood your question the first time. You cannot do what you want to do with Airtable’s forms on their own. I gave you the 2 answers that I know of. Did you click on the links that I gave you? Both of them clearly state that they give latitude and longitude. There are likely hundreds of other ways of doing this as well, but you can’t do it with Airtable’s forms on their own. You will need external tools or a custom-coded JavaScript website of some sort. Perhaps others will chime in with their own ideas.

Hai, sorry my mistake
Even I’m using AirTable with Pro Plan it still need to pay for Mini Extensions Form?

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