Get number of days in a month (eg. 31 for March)


I’m trying to make a formula that gives me the last day of the current month. So, while we’re in March I want it to return 31 or 2018-03-31 and when we get to April return 30 or 2018-04-30.
It seems pretty simple in JS ( - but don’t know how to do it on Airtable.

Any ideas?
Thanks a lot!



Try this formula:


You can explore it here:

  • You could pass a Date instead of using TODAY()
  • I had to use CONCATENATE() to convert the Next Month to a string


Works perfectly - thanks a lot Elias!


Couldn’t you just have a 12 row table and look it up?


Much after the topic, but for those who come here looking for an answer this is simple and would work too: