Getting started with D3.js

Hi there,

I’m a d3.js developer new to Airtable. I’m trying to work out how to import d3 (which is an external Javascript library) and where to do it so I can get started!

And would I do this in the API or in a scripting block?

Any thoughts?


The best place to do this would be in a custom block:

With custom blocks, you can install packages from npm, so that should work with D3.

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That’s great @Kasra - thank you. Would you be really kind and point me to a link on the syntax to use to install packages from npm. I was no doubt looking in the wrong place but couldn’t find it today.

Once you’ve created your custom block and installed the blocks command line tool, you’ll have your block’s code on your computer. From there, you can run npm install --save d3 to install d3.

Here’s a good place to start:

Note that you’ll need to sign up for the beta to create custom blocks:

Thank you so much @Kasra. I’ve got it working and d3 installed so all ready to get it up and running tomorrow. Speedy response also much appreciated.