Handle unsuccessful steps and missing values in Zapier

Hi there, I’m seeing a behavior I don’t know how to handle with a Zap.

My Zap is parsing data coming from an RSS feed and adding it to an Airtable base. Sometimes there are missing information and the parser cannot find everything. Although the missing information is put only in “optional” fields in Airtable, the step isn’t executed by Zapier because “This Airtable step didn‘t run because it depended on a previous step or filter that wasn‘t successful.” and thus the record isn’t created.

Is there a way to get around this and create the record anyway with the missing values?

Update 2019-09-02: I added Default.Formatter steps in the Zap. The idea was that if nothing is found, then the default formatter gives me a default value I can work with. Problem is: the default formatter is skipped as well because it depends on a value that wasn’t found… >_< I’m in touch with the Zapier support on this… 'cause it makes no sense.

Hey Tim! I’m having the same issue with my zap. Did you have any luck figuring this out??


Hi @James_Morgan, not really… I found a way to avoid the problem. I managed to modify my extraction step so that it always returns something and thus never fails.

Ah okay. Thanks for getting back to me!

If you just want to import RSS feeds into your table, you can use this extension that we’ve built. It allows up to 10 URLs.

Automatically Import RSS Feed to Airtable