Having trouble with same tasks for different records

Hey community!

So i want to add recurrent tasks for every record, the tasks are the same for every record. I tried doing a separate table named tasks with a subtask column and i link it to my primary table. THE PROBLEM is that when lets say record one fill his tasks, the tasks keep filled for ALL the records, i want to fill them individually for each record.

Any suggestions?

You’ll need to setup your table structure differently. You’ll need to create another table to create a many-to-many relationship:

Thanks for your reply Scott!
I read the article but couldn´t find how can this help me,

i forgot to mention that what i want to do is have a check list of the same 3 tasks for every record. So imagine

Name Tasks
Mario Starting task (in check list form)
Scott Starting task (same task but empty check list)

Technically, you probably don’t even need 3 tables. But with a multiple table approach (whether it’s 2 tables or 3 tables), you would end up needing 3 linked task records for each master record.

However, if you only need 3 tasks for each record, you might just want to create 3 checkbox fields that you use for each record.

The check box is an excellent idea!
However, every task has 3-4 sub tasks so, the check box will be of 10 items, ill try that and see how it looks.

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