Help with filtering linked records

Hi! I’ve been wrapping my head around this problem for a few weeks already with no solution, so I thought I could try to get some help from you here :slight_smile:

Here’s my problem:

  • I have two tables: Videos and Tags. Every video can have multiple tags, thus linking the records from the two tables.
  • On Videos I have 2 views: one is “All”, where I have all videos users submitted, and the other is “Filtered”, where I apply some filters to determine what are the videos I want to show on my app - for example, I only show videos with ratings above 4 stars.
  • On the Tags table I’d like to calculate some metrics on number of videos from each tag, but ONLY considering the “Filtered” videos, NOT all of them.

I thought the Limit record selection to a view would do the trick, it really seemed to. However in this Community I found out it doesn’t filter dynamically the linked records, but only the options to be shown on an eventual dropdown in a Form.

Does anyone have any idea on how to solve it?
Seems pretty simple, but I’m not being able to see how.

Thank you!

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