Help with finance/investment tracking formula

Hi everyone, struggling to pin down a formula…

My goal is to track investments over time (i.e. date of deposit, how much was deposited, what the total amount was in my wallet at the time of that deposit, and finishing with profit/loss since I began).

The formula I need is for profit/loss since starting.

I figure this value is “Total Amount After Deposit” minus the SUM of all values in the “Converted” field (which are all deposits converted from EUR to USD on the investment platform, i.e. Converted1, Converted2, etc)…

So how do I get the SUM of ALL Converted values into the formula?

(See screenshot for reference)

Any questions/clarification required, please let me know.


Hi @Torus_Global,

You can’t. Unlike excel, formulas can reference cells from only one row at a time. What you can do is to calculate the profit for each row and then sum the profit column by looking at the status bar at the bottom of the table:


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