Hiding fields--how to un-hide? copying a record?


I accidentally hid a field, can’t seem to un-hide it. Also would like to copy records from one table to another? Can’t seem to figure that out either. Thanks!


Hello @Suzanne_Lavender, to unhide a field, just go to the view bar near the top of the table in question. Next to the view switcher it will have a button that says something like “1 hidden field.” Click on that and then you will see all of the fields that are hidden will not have a check-mark. Check them and they will now be visible. Or, you can just click on the “show all” button. Here are some more details about how this works in the Support articles.

To copy records you can just highlight the records (shift + click) and then do a normal copy/paste operation using keyboard shortcuts. Here is the article on how to do this.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, but it was an item I thought that I had hidden. Maybe I was just mistaken.