How can I delete rows in linked tables?


I have 2 tables - “product” and “supplier”

These tables are related: in the table “product” I see the supplier, in the table “supplier” I see what goods he has.

When I am in the “supplier” table and click delete product, only the relationship between the tables is deleted. There are no changes to the “product” table.

How to make it possible to remove goods from the table “supplier”? To remove not only the relationship between the tables, but also goods from the “product” table.

Airtable does not give any automatic way to delete linked records upon removing a link. It would be a very nice feature to have in Airtable. Other database languages such as FileMaker give the option of deleting linked records automatically. You may want to add this as a product suggestion in the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions topic.

Most people manually delete those “orphaned records” from time-to-time during a cleanup process. You can create an additional view in that linked table that is filtered to show you only the records that don’t have any active links. Then you can just select all those records and delete them.

Otherwise, you can probably create a JavaScript to do this, but you’d manually need to run the JavaScript as well.

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Thank you, this method will mostly solve my problem!

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