How can I display all other records in the same table that link to the current record?

I’m using Airtable to manage the production of a “choose your path” style book that has many text “Scenes”, so I’ve created a Scenes table. Each Scene continues onto one or more other Scenes, based on the choices of the reader. Each Scene record contains two pathing fields: “Comes From” & “Goes To”. Goes To is a multiple link field where the author can manually choose which other Scenes the current Scene continues onto.

My problem is the Comes From field. I don’t want this to be manually selected links. I want it to display any Scene record in the same table whose Goes To field links to the current record. Thereby automatically displaying any Scene that continues into the current Scene in the story. This ensures that the pathing of Scenes is correct and significantly removes human error from the equation.

How can I display all other records (as links) from the same table whose Goes To field equals the current record?

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