How can i roll up value so that it shows only the latest one?


I want to show “0000009” in my cell inside Inventory table. I tried to use roll up but it shows “0000009” and “0000008”.

How can i only show the latest one only (in this case is “0000009”)


Hi @kennypurnomo

There might be a easier way of doing this, but it works.

Create a rollup field in your Invoice table, refering to your Invoice Log table; choose the Last Modified field and MAX(values) in the formula field. This will give you the most recent date.

Create a lookup field in your Invoice Log table, looking up that most recent date.

Create a formula field next to it: IF(lookup field=Last Modified, Invoice No.). This will show you the invoice number when it matches the most recent date and leave the other cells blank.

Create a lookup field in your Inventory table for this formula field. It will only show your most recent Invoice Number.

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Thank you. It works like a charm!

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