How can you find the size of a base?


The free plan has a hard limit of 2GB/base, but I can’t seem to figure out how to check how big a given base is. Any ideas?


Are you still looking for this? if so I can help.


I am still curious as I never figured this out. Thanks!


Scratch that, i was only able to find the number of rows in the base. Sorry about that, I will keep looking though :slight_smile:


Yes, it would be nice to find out a way to know that.

Any help from Support Team?

Thank you!!


Did anyone get an answer on this? I would also like to know.


Haven’t received an answer yet.


I would like this also.


Here a link explaining how to find out usage stats for each base …


I know it has been a while since this was posted but i only started using airtable not long ago. The hard limit is just for attachments, not the entire base itself IIRC. I haven’t figured out how to see it in mobile but through PC, if you go to the bottom of the screen while in a base, there is a status bar. If you click on the status bar in the area that is under the attachment column, you can pick a total attachment size option and it will display the total size of all attachments in the column until you change it to a different option.
Hope this helps!