How do I create of list from the categories that I have defined?

I have created a bunch of categories that I am using in a multiple select field.

My question: how can I export those categories that I created into a list somewhere so I can manipulate it?

Hi @Mark_Horley,

What do you mean by manipulate them?

If you want, you can have it as a Linked Field instead of a Multi Select Field


I guess I just want to be able to share the list with a non-AirTable user. So if they could be in a normal list that would work. Having created them all (about 40!) is there a way I can turn it into a Linked Field to avoid having to type them all in again?


I have just answered my own question. By changing the Field Type to Linked Field, it creates a new table with all 40 categories nicely listed as I wanted. Perfect!

Well, are they all already chosen in the table?

If not, you can make a record where you choose all the 40 items then convert it to a Linked Record - Create a new table , this will make a new table with all the items.

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