How do I tell Airtable to send a Slack message to this person only if someone else tagged them?


I’m trying to create an automation that sends Slack messages to people when they are tagged for a task, but only if someone else is tagging them (I don’t want them to be notified every time they assign a task to themselves).

How do I tell Airtable to send a Slack message to this person only if someone else tagged them?

Field in question is a Linked Record field (“Lead”) that is connected to a table with names. This field is used by us to assign tasks to ourselves and other people.

I’ve tried the following so far:

    1. Creating a Last Modified By field and setting up an automation that is triggered when a record matches conditions (Last Modified By isn’t [Name] and Lead is [same name]). I tested this with a coworker but it didn’t work.
  • Creating a view for the person and adjusting the trigger for the automation to only run if a record enters their view. This didn’t work because the person would be notified of everything that’s assigned to them (including the ones they’ve assigned to themselves).

I feel like I’m missing a simple solution. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Both of your ideas could work.

You would need to create a “last modified by” field that is only triggered by changes to the “Lead” field.

Also, you would need to make sure that the “Lead” field names identically match the person’s collaborator name.

Then, for your 1st idea, you could just create a formula field that compares those 2 fields to one another to make sure that they’re not identical. The formula could result in a simple “Yes” or “No”. Once that formula field is created, you could just check that formula as part of the trigger for your automation.

Your 2nd idea could work too. You would just need to add a filter to your view. You would filter the view to only show them records that they are tagged in but where they DIDN’T modify that field.

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Thank you I think this will work for me

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