How to add field options in bulk?

I need to add a list of countries and languages as options for a few different fields. When I open the Single Select field, it forces me to add each option one by one. This would be extremely time consuming.

Surely there is a way to add options in bulk? Would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to do this efficiently.


  1. Temporary convert the field type to single line text.

  2. Paste in a column of values so that Airtable creates new rows, one per value.

  3. Convert the field type back to single select. Airtable will convert the values in the new rows to field options.

  4. Delete the rows you created in step 2.

You can also check out the Eazyfields app to create a field with every option.

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Thanks so much, you saved me from wasting a lot of time. Would make sense for Airtable to allow users to add options in bulk, one per line.

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