How to Archive the Base

hi dear folks, I’m wondering, if I build the Base according to a specific project, once this project has been completed, how could I archive it?

For instance, if I start from a Base on “house hunting”, after serval months, when I found the house, literally I shall not use this base anymore, it is no longer make sense to keep it on the workspace as well, and what’s the solution for the archive it in the local disk? Or do I need to archive it?

Thanks for any pieces of advice.

HI anyone can help? any, any suggestion helps.

Airtable does not currently have a means for archiving bases. What you could do, to help organize your homepage and keep “old” bases separate from your working ones, is to create a workspace called “Archive” and move your old bases that you do not need anymore into that workspace.


hi Jeremy,
Thank you, this sounds like an ideal solution, the only potential problem I can predict so far would be: I’ve been working on the workspace is a “PRO” plan, if I move the “completed bases” from the “PRO” to “Archive” which is free (I don’t want to pay another $20 for archive), would that elite funtion will be revoked? For instance the “blocks”?

Pro features like Blocks wouldn’t be “usable” in the “Archived” bases (bases moved into a “Free” workspace), but those Blocks and other Pro features wouldn’t disappear. If you needed to reference an old base and look at its Blocks, you could just move it back into your “Pro” workspace temporarily to take a look, and then “Archive” it again when finished by moving it back into the “Free” workspace.


I see. I think this issue can be solved in this way, thank you.

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We need archives very soon!


Question - why move it to an entirely different workspace? Is there a benefit to removing it from his Pro Workspace, beyond reducing visual clutter of icons on his homepage?

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