How to Auto-populate Dates based on +/- Number of Days

Hi! I am creating a task list template that has certain tasks that need to be completed 20 days prior to event, 14 days prior to event, 12 days prior to event, 2 days after the event, 7 days after the event, and so on. I’d love to be able to pop in the Event Date and it autopopulate real calendared DUE Dates based on those parameters so that I can use it over and over for each new event without manually typing in each due date for every single task, but am struggling to figure this out. Can someone please assist me? I am new to airtable and watching lots of tutorials!

You want to create 5 formula fields using the DATEADD() function.

DATEADD({Event Date}, -20, "days")

@Kamille_Parks What if we need that end result date to be in working days?

Then use WORKDAY(). I would recommend familiarizing yourself with Airtable’s formula functions:

Thank you. I wasn’t sure if the WORKDAY() formula would be used instead of DATEADD() or in addition to, but I’ll try to work through this myself.

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