How to build individual tables for collaborators that share the same information?

I am trying to arrange a database with collaborators (Teacher and Assistants) who each share identical data columns (Student Name, Grades, GPA, test scores etc)

Each student is shared with 1 Teacher and 1 Assistant. So, for example:

Teacher 1 and Assistant 1 share studentA
Teacher 1 and Assistant 2 share studentB
Teacher 2 and Assistant 2 share studentC
Teacher 2 and Assistant 1 share studentD

Now, for privacy reasons, my mission is to create an arrangement of tables where
Teacher 1 can see AND edit data on ONLY their studentsA,B
Teacher 2 can see AND edit data on ONLY their studentsC,D
Assistant 1 can see AND edit data on ONLY their studentsA,D
Assistant 2 can see AND edit data on ONLY their studentsB,C

Also, the data must be live updated in a bidirectional way. E.g. if Teacher 1 updates the data for student B in Teacher 1’s table, that data will also be updated in Assistant 2’s table, and vice versa.

Is there a way to arrange this, either through linking tables or through sharing permissions? I have searched the forums extensively and have not found a clear solution, although I’d imagine this scenario would be rather common for airtable users.

Thank you!

Hi @Tyler_Browse,

Welcome to Airtable Community!

Well there is no easy way to do so. If anyone has permission to see a Base, they have permission to see all the tables.

You can however use 3rd party apps such as MiniExtensions to setup this.


Hey there! @Mohamed_Swellam beat me to the answer. But I gave this a go anyway.

Here’s your base:

Now let’s say I want to give access to only Erasmus Stouther and their students, I would then create a link to a private view, and lock it with a password

Now we have a view that only this one person can access and edit and is restricted to their own students

Hope that helps!

Hi @andywingrave,

Ya I thought about that, but that won’t allow them to edit it.

Sorry - The last part of that would be combining this with a form - But this is where it can get a bit messy - You would want to create a notes table for each teacher/assistant and give them a form, restricting their view to only their students

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