How to Calculate a Sum of Linked Numbers

Iā€™m trying to get a formula that allows we the take the total of numbers in the linked filed to be summed together

For example

Total Amount, Amounts used, Total Amount used, Currently in Stock
10 1,4,5 10 0

Idk if this makes any sense at all

i just have a list of items in one table with all their information

in another table any time i use the item i track the date and the amount used

I would like my stock table Currently in Stock number to be able to subtract the total amount used

since i may use a product multiple times in different areas or times

My Total Amount
is to help me track the amount i started to help know if we should get less or more incrase our amount

I am not sure if I exactly understand what you are trying to do, but maybe this will help you get on the right track. If the table (lets call it A) with the amounts you want to total is linked to the table (B) in which you want to display the sum of the totals, you just need to use a rollup field in B with the sum function pointing to the field in table A. How this works will depend on how the two tables are linked. If you want one record in B with the totals of everything the the field in A, your link in A will need to have the same entry in every record (I normally just use ā€œ.ā€ and group the view on the field with the ā€œ.ā€ so that every new record gets it put in automatically). If you want totals in B for different types of items, say by part number, you want to link B to A on the part number field. This will create a record on B for each unique part number in A with the total in the rollup field.

Let me know if this helps. If not give a little more detail or just post an example base with all the sensitive stuff removed.

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