How to create one field with formula as in Excel?


In Excel I can put formula in one field which will calculate Sum(all fields in the column)/Sum(all fields in another column)*100= percentage

How can I do it in Airtable for current and future records? I need just one value to gauge progress.

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If you group your records, you can choose summaries to visually appear within the grouping headers themselves (or within the footer at the bottom of the page). This is an awesome and quick way to quickly see summaries for any grouping of records — without writing any formulas at all! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, though, you can’t directly grab these summary values to use in your formulas. Unlike Excel, you can’t create formulas in Airtable that aggregate values across multiple records — UNLESS those values come from other records which are linked to your current record.

But in your case, it’s a very simple solution. You can just create the formula field that you want by making it appear for each record. Then group your records, and choose the summary that you want in the grouping header for that formula field.

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