How to drag a section to another section

This is so dumb but driving me crazy-- how do I just grab and drop a section to move it??? It doesn’t seem to work like in excel.
Thank you!

You can’t move any sections underneath the “More” section. So all of your sections need to stay above where it says “More”.

However, to move sections into different orders ABOVE the “More” section, just hover over the section name with your mouse and you will see a little rectangle of dots off to the right. This is commonly referred to as a “drag handle”. Click-and-drag on this handle.

I do not know what you are talking about when you say “more” section.

When a section is highlighted and that little circle in the bottom right corner appears- if I drag it it just make a copy of the thing rather than move it over.

Thank you for your help!

That is called a field, not a section. Sections are how you organize views in Airtable.

You can’t move field data by dragging. You can cut-and-paste, though.

?? wow that is so strange- there isn’t any short cut to drag a field over?
I guess the solution is copying the entire section that needs adjustment to google sheets> scooting over the data >then pasting it in readjusted?

Are you part of the Airtable team? can I make a request that the drag feature be added?
Thank you!

No, I’m just another Airtable user, just like you. You can send feature requests to

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thanks so much for your time!!! will do!

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