How to insert a negative number in a field on an iPhone?


I have a very simple chronology database :

  • Date (number ; integer ; negative values allowed)
  • Event (Long text)
  • Tag (Simple text)

I want to create a new record and enter, e.g., Augustus’ birth (-63) on my iPhone (6s+).
But it seems I can’t, because the keyboard which is presented has no minus (-) sign ?

Did I miss something ?


Hi Thierry,
Are you using the latest version of Airtable? When a number field (Decimal or Integer) is set for negative values the standard keyboard should appear on iOS devices when entering data. If not, the standard answer is usually reinstall the app and or power down and power up the device.


Thank you for your answer.
I did what you suggested, and it worked.
Thanks again


On the numerical keyboard there is a “+/-” key the lower left side. That should do it for you.